One-On-One Appointments

As a nutritionist, my aim is to form a therapeutic partnership with you. We will work together to understand the underlying factors that are contributing to your symptoms, and I will coach you in making sustainable changes to improve your symptoms.

My initial consultation process starts with a New Client 2-Consult Kickstarter Package. The cost of this package is $185, which covers both appointments.  The first will be a health history appointment where we go through your health timeline and try to determine what has led to the concerns you are experiencing now.  Then a week or so later, we meet again and go through my treatment recommendations.  Sometimes I’ll suggest some pathology testing between appointment 1 and 2 to get a more thorough understanding of what is driving your health concerns.  These appointments can be in person in Canning Vale, Western Australia, or via ZOOM.

Follow up appointments are available from $75 for half an hour.

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