Metabolic Balance ®

Metabolic Balance® is the original and all-natural metabolism re-balancing program from Europe. It’s science-based and uses computerised nutritional analysis to help clients regain vibrant health and weight loss.

The premise behind the program is that by giving a person the correct healthy nutrients, they are able to return to their ideal balance of hormones and enzymes, which in turn will enable a healthy and balanced metabolism. The nutritional analysis will select natural foods that match a person’s individual body chemistry, which along with practitioner guidance and support, will ensure optimal well-being.

So many people struggle to control their weight and to have a healthy metabolism. But there is a solution. Metabolic Balance provides personalised nutrition plans based on an individual’s unique body chemistry. 

By creating individualised plans, Metabolic Balance is able to:

  1. Support and maintain physical and mental well-being
  2. Improve vitality
  3. Detox your body
  4. Improve hormone balance including supporting optimal thyroid functioning
  5. Help support blood sugar stability
  6. Decrease cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol and triglycerides
  7. Support you in returning to a healthy weight
  8. Give you a longer health span (not just lifespan)


If you are tired, exhausted, burnt-out or overweight, this program is for you!

How the program works:

Pathology testing will be carried out at the commencement of the program, with 36 different blood values and parameters being measured. This will provide precise information on your health, your metabolism and any deficiencies in key elements associated with metabolic dysfunction. Your pathology report combined with an understanding of your health history and food preferences will be analysed, creating your own personal Metabolic Balance® nutrition plan. 

You will then be guided through the 4 phases of the program. The initial phases involves nutritional preparation and detoxification. The second phase is a strict conversion phase where you enjoy your personalised selection of foods while your metabolism is resetting. Once a number of your health goals are achieved, you move into phase 3, which is a more relaxed phase. where additional foods are incorporated into the program. Phase 4 is the maintenance phase. At all stages of the process you will be fully supported by an accredited Metabolic Balance® Coach and Nutritionist.