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Phase 4 is all about maintaining the wins you have enjoyed over the course of your Metabolic Balance® journey. This is where you take all the learnings and move forward supporting yourself with healthy food choices on a daily basis.

You no longer need to adhere to the strict food list. But you will be avoiding processed foods and previous bad eating habits. You will know how best to feed yourself to feel amazing. You now know how to make great choices! Through adjustments in Phase 3, you will now have plenty of diversity in your diet. This will be important for a healthy microbiome.

By now you should be able to rely once again on your body to maintain your metabolism. You can also rely on your body’s internal cues and sense for yourself what foods to eat and when.

Metabolic Balance® is not a short term diet, its a long term lifestyle change!

Here are the new rules for Phase 4

  • Stick you the Metabolic Balance ‘rules’ in general wherever possible.
  • Enjoy an 80:20 lifestyle. 80% of the time follow the rules, and 20%v of the time have fun and enjoy the freedom that comes from enjoying a great quality of life.
  • Remember any food intolerances. Eating foods you react to will increase inflammation and weight regain. Through the trial and error Phase you will have learnt which foods don’t serve you well.
  • Keep widening your food list to enjoy as many whole foods as possible and remember to limit processed foods.
  • Water, water, water….always remember to drink enough water.
  • Get into a good exercise/movement regime.
  • Remember to practice good lifestyle habits!
  • Lets check in every 4 – 6 months. I’m here to keep supporting you through your health and well-being journey.