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This is the experimental phase.  It gives you scope to work out which of the rules are really important for you to stick to 100%, and where they can relax things a little. It also gives you an opportunity to move beyond your ideal food list and work out which other foods are safe foods for you. It will also help you learn which foods are best for you to avoid longterm.

If you are close to your health and weight goals and are starting to exercise/move your body more, I suggest experimenting with adding in a little more in terms of quantities. Start with 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of vegetables/salads to meals and see how you go. Note what happens with your weight. Does it impact it?

Also experiment bringing in some new foods. You will already know which your green light ideal foods are. These are the foods on your plan. This phase is about learning which other foods you can bring into your inner circle. and which ones you need to move into the red area, the ones to stay away from.

I suggest this is a great time to keep some good notes. You will want to see how food impacts how you are feeling. Note down if you get any bloating, stomach discomfort, bowel complaints, fatigue, sluggishness, headaches or body pain.

Remember to stick to whole foods but add in new vegetables and fruits and see how you go. Add in new protein sources too. Add in some extra whole-food carbohydrates.

If all goes well with a new food, you can move those into your green circle too, then move on.

Gluten containing food should be the last ones you ad in. For many, many people with health issues, gluten can be an issue, even if you don’t have a true allergy.

Good luck! Remember to reach out and ask any questions you have during this Phase.