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I bet you have been looking forward to this day!

Treat meals can add excitement to your Metabolic Balance experience, and also allow for greater flexibility with social events. But its not only about flexibily, its about challenging metabolism, and testing for food tolerances.

When having a meal off plan it is important to take note of the following:

Tip 1:

You may enjoy a treat meal once a week. As always start your treat

meal with a little protein.

Tip 2:

Drink extra water before and after a treat meal.

Tip 3:

If the meal lasts longer than one hour, please take a break of at least 15

minutes between courses, during which you may only drink water. Then

continue your meal again with a bite of protein.

Tip 4:

If you are eating out, take a few nuts or some cheese with you – so that

you can have a protein portion ‘on–the-go’.

Tip 5:

For the remaining two meals that day, omit fruit and additional starchy

products, like bread. But still have your ‘apple a day’.

Tip 6:

Avoid rich, heavy sauces and carbohydrate-rich side dishes.

Tip 7:

If you enjoy chocolate; always opt for a minimum of 70 % cocoa content,

eat only a small amount and really savour the taste.

Tip 8:

Limit your consumption of alcoholic drinks and remember to drink

plenty of water alongside any alcohol.

Alcohol – You can enjoy a glass of alcohol, but do try and limit it. If you are needing to be gluten-free on your plan, then I suggest avoiding beer. Remember to drink plenty of water alongside any alcohol.

After the meal – Keep a record of what you had for your treat meal and take note of how you feel afterwards. This helps us moving forward into phase 3 and 4. Note if you experienced any bloating or wind, extra fatigue, increased anxiety, sleeplessness, or bowel complaints.

Click here to download a nifty chart to use for keeping records of your treat meals, and how you felt after them. Print out a few and keep them with your Metabolic Balance file.

Remember – Enjoy your treat meals! But don’t go ‘all out’. Keep it modest. Watch your portion size. Savour every mouthful without guilt!

Once the treat meal is over, get back onto your plan with subsequent meals. Try not to make your treat meal a treat day, or a treat weekend.