Consultation Information

One-on-One Health Advice

The approach I advocate involves a two-session intake process. Prior to our first meeting, I will forward you a comprehensive intake form. It will take around 20 minutes to complete, with some of the questions requiring a little more thought, so allow yourself plenty of time to fill in the form. I request that the forms are returned at least 2 days before your appointment as I like to spend some time taking your intake form responses and adding them to a health timeline and a functional nutrition matrix.

During our initial 60 minutes session together, we will discuss your responses on the intake form, and together gain a better understanding of what is happening in each system of your body, and how these may be contributing to your symptoms. We will also talk about your current dietary and lifestyle habits.

By creating a health timeline we can record your health history and symptom presentation over time. This can be a great visual representation that helps us understand any potential triggers and perpetuators of your signs and symptoms.  

functional nutrition matrix helps us map out various aspects of your health and provides direction on where to start treatment to improve the terrain. I also like to have a new client complete a Cell Blueprint Assessment, which helps us to understand what may be going on at a cellular level that is contributing to health concerns.

These tools help us understand the ‘what and why’ about your symptoms.

Pathology testing

In addition to chatting about your health history during the intake process, I may suggest some basic blood tests. If your situation warrants, I may also suggest some functional pathology tests to provide further information about what may be contributing to underlying imbalances.

The need for testing will be discussed during your consultation. Some of the functional tests I can arrange include:

  • – Urinary organic acid testing
  • – DUTCH dried urine hormone testing
  • – Comprehensive thyroid testing
  • – Complete microbiome mapping (GI-Map stool analysis)
  • – MTHRF and genetic testing

The second session together

The ‘how’ part of your rebuilding journey will be presented in the second session of the intake process. This appointment usually takes place around a week after the first session and is an opportunity for me to present you with a comprehensive action plan.

Cost of consultations

The cost for the 2-session new client consultation process is $185, which includes the 1-hour health history gathering consultation and a 30 to 45-minute ‘how to’ health re-building action plan appointment.

After the initial intake process, subsequent follow-up consultations are typically 30 minutes in length and are charged at $75.

Face to face or online consultation

I offer face to face consultations in Perth, from my home-based office in Canning Vale, Western Australia, or online via the Zoom platform for clients located elsewhere.

Bookings can be made via the schedule appointment button on the home page or by pressing the button in the top right hand corner of this page. When booking in for an appointment, please choose between the ‘New Client Kickstarter’ in clinic appointment or the online option.

Online via   zoom


Payment methods

Face to face consultations can be paid for at the time of the consultation via credit card, whereas for online consultations, I request a deposit prior to the appointment. A payment gateway will open for you at the time of booking the initial session. .

Private health insurance rebates

Rebates for face-to-face nutrition consultations are available from a number of private health insurance companies. Please check with your insurer, as the level of rebate varies depending on your policy and your level of cover. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not provide rebates when consultations are offered via online methods such as Skype or Zoom, or by telephone.

Types of health challenges I can assist with:

  • – Low energy states
  • – Thyroid issues such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • – Hormonal imbalances
  • – Blood sugar dysregulation
  • – Mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression
  • – Gastrointestinal complaints
  • – Allergies and frequent infections
  • – And when you generally feel “blah” with no specific diagnosis