About You

I’ve shared a little about my health journey over on my about me page, but what about you? What is going on with your health that has led you here?

Of course I don’t know who you are, but I can probably guess some parts of your health story (because they are likely similar to mine).

I’m guessing you have woken up on at least one occasion wondering to yourself if this is as good as it gets – and laughing (or crying) to yourself that it’s only downhill from here. I remember those feelings all too well – when it hurt to get out of bed in the morning, and it was challenging to muster the energy to tackle another day. But then again, maybe this isn’t your story.

  1. Maybe it’s your hormones that are causing you grief
  2. Maybe your midlife ‘transition’ isn’t as smooth as you had hoped
  3. Maybe your thyroid is contributing to low energy and weight gain despite your best efforts
  4. Maybe you feel sadder than you’d like, or you worry more than is helpful
  5. Maybe you catch every bug going around and feel like you’re constantly in a state of being ill or getting over an illness with very short breaks in between
  6. Maybe your gut is unhappy and leading to all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms
  7. Maybe your lymphatic system is sluggish, leading to swelling, fluid retention, immune issues, reduced detoxification capacity and fatigue


Whatever has brought you here, please know that your health is not set in stone. It CAN be like one of those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story books where YOU choose the outcome. 

You CAN make simple changes in your life that can lead to improvements in all areas of your health, especially when you have someone in your corner, supporting you in your ‘return to health’ journey.

For those of you who feel like you’ve already tried every ‘remedy’ out there, or even if you are only at the start of your ‘return to health’ journey, a Functional Nutrition approach can certainly help you out. 

Still not sure if this is the right approach for you?

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