About Me

Hi, I’m Carrie. As a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, I help women with symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, poor sleep, low motivation, digestive troubles, hormonal issues, and low energy. I do this by carefully listening to your story and piecing together what is going on in your inner environment that is showing up as your troubling symptoms. You may have already reached out to other health care providers and not gained the outcomes you hoped for, or your troubles may have been dismissed, but your concerns are real, and likely caused by rectifiable imbalances.

Nutritional Medicine Perth

I do this because I have been where you are

I know how hard it is to struggle with these types of challenges. I also know there is so much more waiting for you once you find someone who can figure out what is going on underneath your symptoms, and then support you in creating lasting solutions through the use of functional nutrition.

Isn’t chocolate a food group?

During my 20’s and 30’s I was eating a pretty ‘trashy’ diet, using chocolate as both a reward and as a means to summons enough energy to get through the day. I knew a little about what constituted a healthy diet, but didn’t have the willpower or the motivation to implement changes as life was pretty overwhelming. I had 5 kids, a dog, and even the picket fence, but my life was less than idyllic. I often felt anxious, stressed, fatigued and would snap at the kids and my long-suffering husband at the slightest provocation. Can you relate? I knew that something needed to change as I didn’t want this to be the story of the rest of my life, but at the same time I didn’t know where to start, or who to reach out to, to find the answers.

They heard but didn’t really listen

Not long after my 5th baby was born, I consulted several doctors in the hope of finding some answers and a way of getting on top of my fatigue and irritability, but I didn’t have any luck finding a solution to my problems. My symptoms were often dismissed, being told, with sympathy, that it is normal to be fatigued with so many responsibilities (kids, a part time job, a busy husband, a mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s Disease and volunteering in the community). I remember being told to stop stressing and to stop worrying. How do you just stop worrying and stressing? It’s not that simple, right.

I’m guessing there are parts of my story that resonate with you, because the health challenges I experienced are actually quite common, especially for women. My elusive quest to find answers to my health issues may seem familiar to you as well.


A few years later I found a Doctor who did listen to my story and was willing to look a little deeper. She did some pathology testing and found that my thyroid was playing up, my iron levels were low, and my hormones were out of whack. Bingo! I now knew the problem, and I naively thought a few pills would fix me. The Doctor prescribed some pharmaceutical medications and iron supplements, but I didn’t experience the improvements I’d hoped for. I learned that you can’t just pop a few supplements or medications to improve your health if you still have a poor diet and not so great lifestyle habits. I needed to make other changes too, so my search for help and support continued.

I still needed more though

Through trial and error, and then university studies in Nutritional Medicine here in Australia and in the U.S, I learned of the positive benefits that come from wise food choices, and from improving everyday lifestyle habits. I incorporated small but ‘doable’ switches in my diet, along with targeted interventions to improve my ability to digest and absorb nutrients. I also worked to improve the state of my gut microbiome – one of the key underlying causes of my symptoms. Through these changes my mood improved and I was better able to cope with stress – factors that improved my general level of wellbeing. Additionally, my thyroid function improved, which in turn improved my fatigue and provided greater resilience to the demands of life. As you can see, everything in the body is connected.

What I learned can help YOU too

As a university qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, I’ve helped numerous clients who have experienced symptoms similar to yours, including:
– fatigue low energy states
– thyroid issues including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
– hormonal imbalances
– gastrointestinal complaints
– blood sugar dysregulation
– frequent infections and allergies
– anxiety
– depression and a general feeling of ‘blah’

Through dietary and lifestyle interventions, my clients have found an improved ability to cope with the stresses of life, and many of their symptoms have abated. I would love to help you too.

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